About Us

Professional Commercial and Custom Residential Glass



Julie and Kerry Morris with their 3 year old daughter Krista and their labrador Magic, started Morris Glass company in 1987. They believed in creating a family owned and operated company based on hard work and great service. They have stood by that vision and have now grown from the four Morris family members as their only employees, into one of the premier glass companies in Central Texas.

They were having so much fun so Krista never left when she grew up and is now the Vice-President and their son-in-law is General Manager. So when we say Family Owned and Operated, we really mean it. Our family has also made sure that giving back to our community is an important part of our company and we love to support and help in any way we can. From FFA & 4-H kids, to disaster relief programs and any kind of four-legged creatures out there. We feel it is our family’s and company’s duty to help and support our community in any way possible.

Through the years we have been able to grow and expand the business to a 10 acre ranch that we have transitioned into a Glass company that includes our two longhorns, a paint horse and a cat. They are also a part of our family that Julie and Kerry have created and they make coming to work even more fun because they are there. Through the good times and hard times, Morris Glass Company stays strong and true just like our family and that will never change.


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